Emerald and Diamond Ring at Dupuis Auctioneers

Emerald and Diamond Ring at Dupuis Auctioneers

At auction, you never know what will show up. With the November 24, 2013 Dupuis Jewellery Auction, there is a great range of fine gems. Among the gems, it is interesting to note the majority of the emeralds are from the traditionally most treasured source, Colombia. Their internal features are very identifiable: “Three phase” inclusions consisting of a solid, a liquid, and a gas; a liquid filled inclusion with a small crystal and a bubble. Lot 220 in the auction, for more information, go to: http://bit.ly/19ziRr6

"Three phase" inclusions

“Three phase” inclusions

About Duncan Parker

Duncan Parker, FGA, FCGmA, CAP (CJA), Vice President. Duncan is a columnist and contributor for industry magazines and journals. He has been an instructor of the gemstone course at Ryerson University, the Gemmology courses of George Brown College and Canadian Gemmological Association as well as instructor Master Valuer Program with the Canadian Jewellers Association. A renowned expert, he speaks regularly at international gem and jewellery conferences and symposiums, as well as at less formal events. He has served as President of the Canadian Gemmological Association since 1995. Before joining Dupuis Auctioneers, Duncan was a director of research at Harold Weinstein Ltd., a leading and respected jewellery appraisal company.
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