ABC of Jewellers

ABC of Jewellers

Here we present an ABC of jewellers whose work has been offered at auction at Dupuis:

Around the world and around the alphabet, Dupuis Fine Jewellery Auctioneers has offered jewels to bidders from East to West, and from North to South.

We have bidders around the world, and our auctions also have offered jewels from jewellers and designers around the world, and covering nearly the whole alphabet.


Asprey, historic jeweller in London, England, holder of many Royal warrants and recipient of Royal commissions through most of the history of Asprey:

249 Spring 2013

Asprey: Rose brooch, lot 249, Spring 2013


Buccellati, Italian jeweller, famous for exquisite textures in precious metals. Unmatched in attention to surface finish on jewels:

Buccellati: Citrine and diamond ring, Lot 376, Spring 2017


Cartier, Paris based, and known around the world, jeweller to royalty, stars, and lovers of innovative design:

Cartier: Limited edition wristwatch, “le Cirque Animalier du Cartier Tigre”, Lot 384, Spring 2017

David Webb

David Webb is New York based, and is famous for natural forms including whimsical animals, and is a a favourite of the Stars:

Lot 51, Spring 2016

David Webb: Diamond earrings, Lot 51, Spring 2016

Elsa Peretti

Elsa Peretti, important Tiffany designer, famous for simple and voluptuous forms and textures:

Elsa Peretti: Delicate and supple chain mesh scarf, Lot 16, Spring 2017


Friedrich, based in Frankfurt Germany, is known for attention to detail, and precise work:

Friedrich: Fine ruby and diamond bracelet, Lot 301, Spring 2017


Garrard, based in London, England, is famous for centuries of service to the British Royal Family, and for the finest in design and gems for collectors around the world:

Garrard: Sapphire and diamond ring, Lot 21, Fall 2013

Harry Winston

Some of the most important jewels of the world have passed through the doors of New York Based Harry Winston, including the world Famous Hope Diamond:

Lot 326, Fall 2012

Harry Winston, emerald and diamond brooch, Lot 326, Fall 2012

International Watch Company

International Watch Company was established in 1868, the Swiss watch company has a great reputation for fine timepieces:

IWC Lot 632, Spring 2014

International Watch Company, Pocket watch, Lot 632, Spring 2014

JAR (Joel Rosenthal)

JAR is Paris based. The designer is famed for innovative and unusual use of colours, and is a favourite of the famous:

Lot 344, Fall 2015

JAR earrings, Lot 344, Fall 2015


Kutchinsky was established over a century ago in London, England, Famous for fine and delicate work.

Lot 155, Spring 2017

Kutchinsky, buckle bracelet, Lot 155, Spring 2017

Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton, famed for luggage and accessories, is also known for jewels, particularly ones that may clip on to luggage.

Lot 7, Spring 2017

Louis Vuitton, Eiffel Tower charm, Lot 7, Spring 2017

Marina B

Marina B, known for creative use of colour and coloured gems, and collected by “A Listers” worldwide.

Lot 169, Spring 2017

Marina B earrings, carnelian and rutilated quartz, Lot 169, Spring 2017


Nardi, the Venice based jeweller, is famous for jewels honouring the renowned aristocratic general who helped to protect the city of Venice, and is immortalized in Shakespeare’s Othello.

Lot 2, Fall 2016

Nardi brooch featuring the famed general revered for preserving Venice at war. Lot 2, Fall 2016

Oscar Heyman

Oscar Heyman, the New York based jeweller produces jewels of delicate detail, and unstinting finish. Commonly using geometric forms to wonderful effect.

Lot 247, Spring 2013

Oscar Heyman bracelet with emeralds and diamonds. Lot 247, Spring 2013

Patek Philippe

Patek Philippe: “You never actually own a Patek Philippe. You merely look after it for the next generation.” The company slogan says it all, timepieces of enduring quality and reliability.

Lot 170, Spring 2017

Patek Philippe wristwatch with classic blue dial. Lot 170, Spring 2017

Q (Quartz)

As far as we recall, Dupuis has not offered any jewels made by a jeweller whose name starts with “Q”. We will look at quartz. Found in many colours and textures, amethyst is purple, citrine is yellow, and rock crystal is clear and colourless, sometimes frosted in texture.

Lot 62, Spring 2017

Quartz, rock crystal and amethyst orchid, Lot 62, Spring 2017


Rolex watches are among the best known and most widely recognized in the world. Very strong at auction, and always in demand, Rolex is preeminent in the watch world.

Lot 171, Spring 2017

Rolex Oyster Perpetual Datejust with a “Thunderbird” bezel. Lot 171, Spring 2017


Sterlé was a Paris based jeweller, established in the 1930s, and boasting a client list of royalty and stars. Jewels by Sterlé are noted for their embracing of forms from nature.

Lot 157, Fall 2013

Sterlé brooch in a feather form with gold and diamonds. Lot 157, Spring 2017

Tiffany & Co

Tiffany & Co was established in New York, in the year 1837. Continues to meet the needs of jewellery connoisseurs around the world.

Lot 389, Spring 2017

Tiffany & Co rubellite and diamond bracelet, Lot 389, Spring 2017

Universal Geneve

Universal Geneve, maker of fine timepieces, including the Golden Shadow, the thinnest automatic wristwatch of its time. Known for stylish precious jewel timepieces.

Lot 453, Spring 2014

Universal Geneve gold and diamond wristwatch, Lot 453, Spring 2014

Van Cleef & Arpels

Van Cleef & Arpels, one of the most sought-after names at auction, world-wide. Based in Paris, and represented around the world, their jewels are classic and timeless, and have adorned many royals.

Lot 400, Spring 2017

Van Cleef & Arpels ring, 6.47 carats, Lot 400, Spring 2017

Walton & Co

Walton & Co, United States based, their jewels represent the choice elements of the Arts and Crafts movement, and incorporate natural forms into delicate jewels.

Lot 189, Spring 2017

Walton & Co brooch with pink topaz, Lot 189, Spring 2017


We can state that as far as we recall, Dupuis has not offered jewels made by jewellers whose name starts with “X”. We have never offered Xylophones, and only occasionally use X-rays to test pearls.


David Yurman is famed for jewels that feature twist form wires, often in sterling silver,  decorated with coloured gemstones, often with gold accents.

Lot 52, Summer 2016

David Yurman silver and gold bracelet with black onyx, Lot 52, Summer 2016


Zolotas, based in Athens, Greece, and established in 1895, Zolotas embraces a combination of ancient influences with modern style.

Lot 191, Spring 2015

Zolotas, brooch with gem flowers, Lot 191, Spring 2015

About Duncan Parker

Duncan Parker, FGA, FCGmA, CAP (CJA), Vice President. Duncan is a columnist and contributor for industry magazines and journals. He has been an instructor of the gemstone course at Ryerson University, the Gemmology courses of George Brown College and Canadian Gemmological Association as well as instructor Master Valuer Program with the Canadian Jewellers Association. A renowned expert, he speaks regularly at international gem and jewellery conferences and symposiums, as well as at less formal events. He has served as President of the Canadian Gemmological Association since 1995. Before joining Dupuis Auctioneers, Duncan was a director of research at Harold Weinstein Ltd., a leading and respected jewellery appraisal company.
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