Selling your Jewels at Auction

Selling at Auction is a Simple Affair

Are you thinking of selling your jewels? Is it time to find a new home for your precious things?

A ruby and diamond ring

There are lots of reasons for looking for ways of selling:

“I’m selling my beautiful jewels because I’m downsizing, and I hope someone will love them as much as I have.”

“I just don’t wear them any more.”

“No one in the family wants them.”

“My lifestyle doesn’t really go with these jewels anymore.”

“We’ve inherited something that no one will ever wear.”

“I’ve worn them and enjoyed them, but want to change it up.”

What are your options?

Consigning to auction provides you with an international audience of potential bidders. An auction house has the job of finding buyers for your precious items. Therefore, auctioneers are as eager to get strong bids as you. Because we don’t buy, our task is to put word out about your jewels and timepieces, and create an eager and well-informed bidder base. The commission is a fee based on a percentage of the selling price. Thus, we aim to see you realize the highest selling price for your jewels or timepieces.

Fine Harlequin Opal selling for beyond its estimate

A Fine Black Opal sold for $13,000 at Auction

Make An Appointment

We are happy to consult with you, examine your jewels, and provide you with a professional opinion about the jewels you show us.

We meet potential consignors throughout the year. You can make an appointment to meet at our offices in Toronto. We also make regular visits to cities around Canada. Contact us or check our website to see when we might be visiting a city near you.

Call toll-free: 1-800-879-8975

If it’s not convenient to meet with us, we are happy to provide preliminary estimates by email. So, if you are able to send photos and/or appraisals to us, we are pleased to consult electronically or by telephone.

Here is the online estimate request form:

Estimate Request Form


10 Loupe

We will examine your jewels and timepieces, and provide you with an estimate for any jewel that would be a good candidate for auction. The recommendations will include which  auction would be appropriate for the items.

We have two different types of auction: Live “Important Jewels” auctions, and online “Boutique Jewels” auctions. On average, the Important Jewels Auctions will feature items with a pre-auction estimate over $2,000. Boutique auctions will average items with an estimate between approximately $500-$2,000

We can provide you with clear instructions for safely packing, shipping and insuring items if you choose to send them to us.


Selling for $50,000 this watch generated widespread interest

Cartier limited edition wristwatch, “le Cirque Des Animaux”, Lot 384, offered in Spring 2017, selling for $50,000

The estimates we provide are based on our experience and research of similar items that have been offered and sold at auction in recent times, around the world.

The pre-auction estimate for an item is stated as a range: As an example: $8,000-$12,000. This serves as a guideline for you to know roughly what to expect, and for the bidders to know where the need to start to bid (and up from there).


We also establish a minimum selling price, called a “Reserve”. So, with this, you know that there is a bottom line for selling your jewels.


Once you have decided that a Dupuis Auction is the way to go, we prepare a contract and take responsibility for your jewels, photograph, and catalogue them. Then we get to work telling the world about your precious item available for bidding.


We display the timepieces and jewels at previews, with hundreds of viewers, both online, and in person. Also we’ll answer any questions bidders have and provide all the necessary details to make them eager to bid.


The auction is held, bids are taken until we the highest bidder wins. One of the big advantages at auction is that there is a set time for the auction, and you know your precious items will be offered at that time. When the auction is finished, you know right away how you did.

The exciting thing about an auction is that all it takes is two or more people who really want a beautiful item, and who knows where the bidding will stop? Every auction has hundreds of bidders, and some items can go well beyond expectations in bidding.


Once the successful bidder has paid for and collected their new precious item, we then send you a cheque.

It’s as simple as that

About Duncan Parker

Duncan Parker, FGA, FCGmA, CAP (CJA), Vice President. Duncan is a columnist and contributor for industry magazines and journals. He has been an instructor of the gemstone course at Ryerson University, the Gemmology courses of George Brown College and Canadian Gemmological Association as well as instructor Master Valuer Program with the Canadian Jewellers Association. A renowned expert, he speaks regularly at international gem and jewellery conferences and symposiums, as well as at less formal events. He has served as President of the Canadian Gemmological Association since 1995. Before joining Dupuis Auctioneers, Duncan was a director of research at Harold Weinstein Ltd., a leading and respected jewellery appraisal company.
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