Erté Art Deco Designer


Lot 336 June 2018

Erté designed Egyptian inspired wing earrings and necklace, offered at auction June 2018

Erté is a name central to the world of design and closely associated with the height of Art Deco style. This long lived artist became prominent in the 1920s, and held influence over the world of fashion for most of the 20th Century.

Born In Russia

Born in Russia in 1892, a quarter century before the Russian revolution, Romain de Tirtoff was an internationally renowned designer who moved to France in 1912. He adopted a name based on his initials “R T” creating the world famous moniker Erté.

Art Deco

He quickly established himself as a fashion designer and illustrator. Erté was in the perfect place and time and had the sense of style, design, and flair to perfectly fit with the Art Deco movement that shook the world in 1925, and for the following decades.

His fashion designs were central in the Art Deco period of the 1920s and 1930s. The entire world of fashion was enraptured by the inspired designs of the flamboyant Erté.

Erté signature

The famous Erté signature from lot 336 Egyptian inspired necklace and earrings offered in June 2018

World Recognition

Erté designed for magazines, and fashion houses, he created posters and created theatre sets and costumes. His work was everywhere. His designs are absolutely identifiable. He had a flair for the highest of style, his designs flowing with eye-catching forms and colours.

He never stopped designing. Thus generation after generation was drawn to his unique style. Art deco has never gone out of fashion, and this period was his strongest influence. The distinctive geometry of Art Deco brings a beauty to his designs, and his flair for the dramatic adds a unique element to his forms.

Thus his magazine covers and posters are instantly identifiable. Fashion designers set out to copy and reproduce the unique style.

Ornaments in our houses were designed by, or at least influenced by Erté. His designs, sculptures and posters remain highly collectible.

He was a design style unto himself. However, like all designers, he was, in turn, influenced by what was going on in the world around him.

After he moved to Paris, the tomb of the ancient Egyptian child-king Tutenkhamun was uncovered in 1922, and in the couple of years following, the extraordinary treasures of King Tutenkhamun came to light. The timing was perfect. Thus, the amazing ancient Egyptian treasures were in the public consciousness. Art Deco designers were heavily influenced by the geometry of ancient Egyptian design. back in the 1920s Art Deco jewels features images of pyramids and the Sphinx in Egypt.

Lot 336, June 2018

Erté Egyptian theme earrings offered as part of Lot 336, June 2018

Erté Jewels

His influence extended to the worlds of fashion, printing, theatre, and jewellery. Living for 98 years, Erté passed away in 1990, yet he remained active in design to the end of his long life. He created this this Egyptian inspired jewel set in the 1980s.


Lot 336, June 2018

Erté Egyptian theme earrings offered as part of lot 336 in June 2018

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